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Nov. 8, 2022

3rd Wave Feminism vs. 3rd Wave Ska vs. 3rd Wave Coffee with Third Wave Water

3rd Wave Feminism vs. 3rd Wave Ska vs. 3rd Wave Coffee with Third Wave Water

It’s the 3rd Wave Everything episode! We were challenged by listener Eric to compare 3rd Wave Ska to 3rd Wave Coffee. For good measure, we thought we’d also throw in 3rd Wave Feminism because why not? So get out your surfboards because in this super fun extra long episode there's going to be a lot of waves!

In our first segment, Steph covers the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd waves of feminism and the beginning of the 4th wave. Women have been working hard on behalf of ourselves for a long time and Steph breaks it all down for us, from pre-Civil War through the fights for trans rights today. That’s a lot of changes in feminism.

Next, Jenni gives us the history of ska, starting with the 1st wave in Jamaica, moving on to the 2nd wave in the UK, and ending in California for the 3rd wave of ska. Ska goes up and ska comes back down. We're here to ride its musical waves.

Last, Marcus covers the three waves of coffee. 1st wave is all about getting coffee in the cheapest way possible (see our Chock Full o'Nuts episode to learn more.) Then during the 2nd wave we see Starbucks and the rise of the coffee shop. Now in this 3rd wave that we are living in it is all about the storytelling of coffee.

For our coffee tasting, we compare coffee brewed with Third Wave Water, a mineral additive for distilled water, to award winning Aurora tap water. Who will win? Listen to see what we think and to find out how we tie these three waves together!

Songs from 3rd Wave Ska segment:

Toots & the Maytals, 54-46 Was My Number

The Specials, A Message to You Rudy

Sublime, Badfish

Mustard Plug, Mr. Smiley

Third Wave Water: https://thirdwavewater.com/products/1-gallon-classic-profile?variant=32477400694830

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Waves of Ska Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6AdvW9fGIFhKpCDpkyERp7?si=60eff53784e04311


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