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April 14, 2022

Bonus Episode 3: Leon Black, Portrait of an (Alleged) A** Hole

Bonus Episode 3: Leon Black, Portrait of an (Alleged) A** Hole

First thing we need to say, this episode gets our first trigger warning for mentions of sexual violence. We don't like to tell stories with trigger warnings, but here we are. Maybe don't play this episode with the kids in the car.

This episode is a deeper dive into the allegations that we touched upon in Episode 11: Twinkies Coffee. If you haven't listened to that episode, we recommend you start with that one before listening to this.

We first met Leon Black in our last episode as the CEO of Apollo Global Management with a questionable relationship with Jeffery Epstein. In this episode, we learn more about Leon's life, his position at Apollo Global Management, and the claims against him.

Final notes, we discuss allegations and we present no statements as fact except those that have been verified to be true.

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