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May 17, 2022

Coava Coffee + the History of the Chemex

Coava Coffee + the History of the Chemex

When Marcus and Jenni went to Portland a few months ago, Marcus was so excited to learn that a Coava coffee location was just blocks from their Airbnb. At the crack of dawn he walked on over, met some super friendly baristas, and enjoyed a most excellent cup of Chemex brewed coffee. So they brought back a couple of bags to share with Steph and all of our listeners!

Matt Higgins, the founder of Coava coffee, gave up a career in international business for his love of coffee and we are so glad he did. Coava Coffee's philosophy is that buying the best green will make the best brown. Listen to find out how he accomplishes this goal!

Marcus then tells us the whimsical story of the mad scientist inventor of the Chemex, Dr. Peter Schlumbohm . The Chemex wasn't his only invention, and it wasn't his most unique, but it was definitely his best.

Coava Coffee: https://coavacoffee.com/

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