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Jan. 3, 2023

History of Decaf + Decaf Three Ways: Rerelease

History of Decaf + Decaf Three Ways: Rerelease

Hi everyone! For this week's episode we decided to give ourselves a holiday break and release a previously aired episode. We had thought we would do an older episode but in light of the recent crazy amazing events that led to us selling almost completely out of 30,000 bags of canceled coffee, we thought we would rebroadcast our History of Decaf episode in honor of the lonely decaf cases we still have on our website.

This episode was so fun and interesting to record! Marcus does a great job with research and storytelling. Who knew we'd have the Nazis to blame for the popularity of decaf? Marcus also explains the science and methodology behind three major types of decaffeination processes. Then for the tasting, Marcus sample roasted three different coffees that were decaffeinated using the methods he explained. We were all surprised by the winner!

We hope you are enjoy the episode and if it compells you to drink more decaf, head on over to the Modest Coffee Fire Sale! to get yourself a case of 6 bags for half price.

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