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Feb. 22, 2022

Jim Beam Coffee

Jim Beam Coffee

Join us as Steph takes us back to 1795 in Kentucky where a German immigrant named Jacob Beam somehow figures out how to make bourbon from an ancient German family recipe, despite there being little evidence that bourbon was ever distilled in Germany in the 1700s. He does all the work of planting, harvesting, and distilling himself without any extra hands in the slave state of Kentucky. At least that's the only history the company will admit to.

As you listen with us on this journey through to modern day, we'll learn about how important enslaved peoples were to building the foundation of the American spirit industry, Mitch McConnell makes an appearance as a vampire, and we discover the maybe biggest coffee roaster that no one has heard of.

Episode bonus, Steph and Marcus give their no bad review of Jim Beam bourbon compared with Jim Beam coffee. They might get a little tipsy on air.

"According to the [company] history, Jacob Beam did this. Jacob Beam planted the field, harvested the field, made the whiskey, all himself, one person. It's like he had the energy and strength of 10 black men. He's quite a superhero."

You can find Jim Beam coffee at your local grocery store or online retailer.

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