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March 24, 2022

Special Coverage: Ukraine War Through the Lens of Coffee

Special Coverage: Ukraine War Through the Lens of Coffee

For many of us, the war in Ukraine dominates the news, our thoughts, and our hearts. When Jenni read an article about how coffee shops are weathering the Ukrainian War on Spruge.com, the trio decided to do a bonus episode about Ukrainian coffee culture and the war.

Marking the first month of the Ukraine War, we discuss the history of Ukraine, how Putin is a real mf'er, we invite Volodymyr Zelensky to be our friend, and we learn about the unfortunate circumstances that led to an explosion of Specialty Coffee culture in Ukraine. We follow the stories of several coffee roasters/ coffee shops as they find a way to cope and survive in the most brutal of situations.

We hope you come away from this episode with a better understanding of the crisis in Ukraine, the people who live there, and how coffee is making a difference.

#standwithukraine "на хуй путін"

To help the people of Ukraine: https://how-you-can-support-ukraine.super.site/

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