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May 3, 2022

Spicy Taco Coffee

Spicy Taco Coffee

Spicy Taco Coffee is the coffee no one asked for but somehow exists. For this episode, Jenni's childhood best friend thought it would be fun to send the podcast this treat of an abomination and test our commitment to no bad reviews. And guess what! We did it. In this episode we not only manage to give no bad reviews, one of us emptied the cup, despite the artificial beef flavoring agent. You'll have to listen to find out how we pull this off.

We also cover the extremely fascinating, and unknown to us, history of Cinco de Mayo. We start with the colonization of the Aztecs, the various wars that ensued after Mexico reclaimed their country in the 19th century, then the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862 that led to Cinco de Mayo and its cultural significance from then to modern day. The history of this holiday is quite fascinating and deserves to be more well known.

Spicy Taco Coffee: https://www.coffeeam.com/products/spicy-taco-flavored-coffee

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