Every coffee has a story
Sept. 27, 2022

VitaCup Slim Coffee

VitaCup Slim Coffee

In this week's episode, we learn how we that nothing more than a k-cup to slim down and maintain our girlish figures. Chock full of questionable Dr. Oz peddled health ingredients and an overabundance of B-vitamins, this really seemed like a one stop shop for our best health.

Then we meet the guy that inspired that one song from Chumbawamba, Brandon Fishman. This guy got knocked down and got up again, over and over, and was always more successful than the last. The man doesn't mind working one hundred hours a week if that's what it takes and doesn't find joy in anything that costs less than one hundred dollars.

We then try the coffee with unexpected results. Listen to find out what we think and if getting slim is as easy as the product tells us it is!

VitaCup Slim: https://www.vitacup.com/products/slim-blend

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