Every coffee has a story


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So much fun!

The concept is brilliant: Try unusual or questionable coffees, and doctor them with an ascending sequence of additives until they can give it a not-bad review. We also get the history and background of each coffee company, usually way more interesting than I'd expect. I generally have no patience for multi-person podcasts where the hosts laugh and joke with each other, but these folks keep the info-to -silliness ratio right - plus, Steph has the most wonderful laugh! And really, how can whipped cream and whiskey be anything but fun?


Love this deep dive into the history of the parent companies! The description of the tastings is hilarious and I’ve now got new words added to my repertoire.

Entertaining and educational

These 3 crack me up. I learn new things about coffee, and the companies that sell the coffees. I enjoy listening while having a leisurely cup of coffee.

My New Favorite Podcast…

…and I don’t even drink coffee!

A good blast of history

Enjoy research into history they do. Each episode is a little bit of comedy and seriousness. Good balance. Coffee reviews seem to be point on so far 👍🏼


Fun and entertaining! With some insightful coffee knowledge included.