Every coffee has a story


March 31, 2022

Bonus Episode 2: Coke Coffee Extras

There were so many fun stories about Coca Cola that we decided to give you a bonus episode rather than leave these outtakes on th…

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March 29, 2022

Coca Cola with Coffee

It's the cocaine episode, err, the Coca Cola with Coffee episode! Steph tells us the fascinating history of the Coca Cola company…

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March 24, 2022

Special Coverage: Ukraine War Through the Lens of Coffee

For many of us, the war in Ukraine dominates the news, our thoughts, and our hearts. When Jenni read an article about how coffee …

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March 22, 2022

Adaptogenic Mushroom Coffee

Not-fun magic mushrooms seem to be all the rage right now so when Steph was social media advertised the most adorably packaged in…

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March 17, 2022

Bonus Episode: Jameson Cold Brew Love It or Leave It

We've been having so much fun creating Love It or Leave It bonus episodes for our Patreon subscribers that we decided to release …

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March 15, 2022

Irish Whiskey and Cream Coffee- St. Patrick's Day Special!

It's our very first St. Patrick's Day special episode! We decided to give you an extra long episode on account of the holiday. We…

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March 10, 2022

Girl Scout Cookies Coffee

Girl Scout cookie season is upon us so we thought it fitting to give Girl Scout cookie coffee a whirl. This episode has exorbitan…

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March 1, 2022

Café Du Monde Coffee

In celebration of Mardi Gras, we take a story trip to New Orleans to try the iconic Café Du Monde chicory blend coffee. We imagin…

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Feb. 22, 2022

Jim Beam Coffee

Join us as Steph takes us back to 1795 in Kentucky where a German immigrant named Jacob Beam somehow figures out how to make bour…

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Feb. 15, 2022

Lavender Coffee

In this week's episode we try a little uppers and downers in this Vietnamese coffee mixed with lavender flowers from Copper Cow C…

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Feb. 8, 2022

Donut Wars!

What do Nazis and the bin Laden family have to do with coffee? Find out in this week's episode of Donut Wars! We contrast and com…

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Jan. 31, 2022

Maple Bacon Coffee

IT'S OUR FIRST EPISODE! We are so excited to share our coffee review podcast with the world! We are three specialty coffee indust…

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