Every coffee has a story
March 14, 2023

La Colombe

La Colombe

Welcome to the episode where we answer the question we've all been wondering, how to pronounce La Colombe! This is a mainstream coffee company best known for their ready to drink canned coffee and second most known for the TV show, Dangerous Grounds.

La Colombe was founded by BFFs JP Iberti and Todd Carmichael. You can tell which is the most outgoing based on which guy has the Wikipedia page (it's Todd).

In this episode we mostly talk about the life and adventures of Todd Carmichael. We've discussed a lot of business owners that were extra in this show, but this guy maybe takes the award for most extra. From running through jungles and trekking to the south pole, there might not be a thing he hasn't done, and he's somehow done it all while building a multi-million dollar coffee company. We were exhausted just learning about all he's done!

Listen to hear the full story and to find out what the founders are up to now. This story is a fun adventure!

La Colombe Triple Latte: https://www.lacolombe.com/products/triple-draft-latte

Dangerous Grounds: https://m.imdb.com/title/tt2365811/


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