Every coffee has a story
Jan. 31, 2022

Maple Bacon Coffee

Maple Bacon Coffee

IT'S OUR FIRST EPISODE! We are so excited to share our coffee review podcast with the world! We are three specialty coffee industry professionals (and friends) on a quest to try any coffee and humorously give no bad reviews.

In this first episode, Jenni considered choosing a Panama Gesha but instead reached for a bag of Maple Bacon from Day to Day Coffee.

Listen to learn the surprising history of Day to Day Coffee, how we brought out the best flavor in maple bacon coffee, and for whom we think this coffee would make the perfect gift.

Day to Day Coffee: https://www.daytodaycoffee.com/products/maple-bacon-ground-coffee




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This podcast is brought to you by Modest Coffee, single origin coffee without the snobbery go to www dot modest dot coffee forward slash no bad reviews to see what coffees they're roasting today. Cheers


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So I'm Jenni. I'm Marcus. And I'm Stephanie. And this is No Bad Reviews, colon, a coffee podcast, and we are here to try a bunch of different coffees. Every week we're gonna try a new one. And we're going to give no bad reviews. And we're gonna learn something about coffee and maybe about ourselves.


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Why should you give a shit about what we have to say about coffee? Well, I work for a coffee company and I have been employed for 32 months running. And that is why my opinion counts. What do you guys do? I work for a coffee company too. And I won a good food award in 2021. Yeah, I'm a I'm an award winning coffee roaster. Oh, I could introduce you so you don't sound pretentious? That sounds pretentious. I'm Jenni. I run a coffee company, all the operations. That's what I do. And we all work at the same company at Modest Coffee.


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And that's the last we're going to talk about Modest Coffee because they're not paying us enough to do this episode. I guess we could just say that we own Modest Coffee. Technically, they are sponsoring this for this coffee, our sponsor, our very first sponsor, it was not a hard sell.


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Anyways, so how are you guys? We're here. It's our first episode. It is early. In the morning for me, as you know, I'm drinking coffee soon.


Unknown 2:06

Feels earlier.


Unknown 2:09

So we're here, drinking coffee. I'm a little sluggish. It's a good thing we have coffee. That's a great theme for sluggish and tired on a Sunday morning.


Unknown 2:21

And the podcast is called what is it called? It's called No Bad Reviews, colon, a coffee podcast. And how did we get started? We got started because we are three friends and co workers and we thought it would be fun to get together every Sunday morning and challenge ourselves to try any coffee despite whatever our preconceived notions are about the coffee. So would you say like we're on a on a journey, a journey of taste a journey of flavor?


Unknown 2:53

What do you think? Well, I'm worried about just how exciting this flavor journey is going to be.


Unknown 3:00

So I think the premise of the podcast is we'll try some good coffees. Yeah, we're gonna try some wacky coffees. We're gonna throw in some coffees that will be awesome. And we're gonna challenge ourselves to find the good everything. I think it will be fun to try a bunch of different coffees with both of you. And I'm also excited to just hang out on a Sunday morning and have fun and hopefully share that fun with other people. This is going to be a really good time. I think.


Unknown 3:31

I know you don't want to talk too much about Modest Coffee because you don't want this to be the marketing arm of the company.


Unknown 3:40

But I I think we should just mention that we are like a really small roaster and we're we're all about single origin. And we kind of take it seriously. And so it's really fun to step way outside of that and try some crazy things.


Unknown 4:01

Which I think maybe I'm a little more excited about them Marcus is I mean, the idea of these like weird flavored coffees and everything. It's just seems really fun. It seems like it's gonna be really fun. To follow up on what Steph is saying in the specialty coffee industry, the space that we occupy in the coffee world. It is so overly serious people take their coffee super seriously. And I know that we take our coffee super seriously for the business. And I know that we can get super like down and dirty with the serious but like why not do something that's kind of fun, and why not take our professional experience and our professional palates and just have fun with it. And I will say as a reformed picky eater, some of these coffees that we already have lined up, I'm going to have a really hard time so I'm almost thinking it's going to have a little bit of a like a fear factor.


Unknown 5:01

Fear Factor element to it for me, like here eat this cockroach coffee. No we are not really doing cockroach coffee. No, I hope there is I draw the line. I draw the line. Grasshopper coffee. No, thank you. I'm sorry about Okay. So I I would say I'm kind of the opposite of the picky eater mentality like the weirder it is the more excited I am to try it I always order the weirdest thing on the menu so I'm really excited about the we I hit coverage fucking might be pushing a grasshopper coffee. I would try I will try grasshopper. Okay, you know what? We can have a grasshopper coffee episode. And I will look at the packaging. Maybe November news, we have to find a way to make it palatable. But we will not leave with grasshopper coffee ever. Well, it will die in like grass coffee, and then like Hopper coffee with ground up rabbits.


Unknown 6:00

And then we'll combine the two and make grasshopper coffee.


Unknown 6:07

You know our method here we decided that if we try the coffee black and don't have anything good to say about it. We're gonna doctor it up a little with some cream and sugar. And then Marcus and I decided if we still don't find it palatable, we'll add a shot of whiskey and see if that helps.


Unknown 6:25

And I feel like after three or four cups of whiskey coffee we are going to have all kinds of lovely things to say no matter what we're trying no matter how many groundup cockroaches are.


Unknown 6:37

We are going to drink it until it tastes good


Unknown 6:44

oh my god, I'm dying. Cockroach cah. I can’t even like imagine it in my mind. I'm dying right now.


Unknown 6:52

And we have some interesting coffee today right, Jenni? Like so this morning thinking about what coffee we could do. I looked at our six pound bag of Panama gesha coffee on the counter and said to myself, let's do maple bacon.


Unknown 7:07

And so this comes from the day to day Coffee Company. What are the ingredients? I bet there's not even real maple syrup in there. It is natural and artificial flavoring. Natural doesn't mean anything natural means it's an artificial flavor that was invented before a certain year when they change the rules about what they could do. They grind up a bunch of like bacon. There's no they can be like cockroaches, right? Like vanilla cockroaches or whatever that look like there is a bug that they get a flavor from maybe it's a color maybe it's an artificial maybe it's a natural color. I think it's actually a beetle. Yes. Insert with an S I agree with that. That's like it's in this whipped cream. It's actually it's probably on this or here oh for gene and there it is. No Yeah, that comes from a bug but no, there's another one that comes from a bug too because Carageenan is stabilizer thickener thing shellack I bet there's lots of stuff that comes from the chair that we don't know about. I think I think that's true. I think we're probably all 100% correct right now.


Unknown 8:10

And all of it. So So when did maple bacon coffee. It does not specifically say bacon on the packaging it also does not specifically say that it is kosher. So if you're Jewish, I would err on the side of caution and maybe skip this one Muslim shoe.


Unknown 8:29

I just found out we have a friend who's potentially allergic to pork. Oh yes, that's the thing too. So look out you guys are allergen warning warnings on that one. No allergen warnings but I don't think pork is normally included in the allergen warnings created in a facility that produces bacon.


Unknown 8:48

Fake pork flavor should have a warning of some Alright, so anyways, back to maple bacon coffee. So this is from the day to day Coffee Company. And so we're looking at this morning summit for information about the day to day Coffee Company and you Google it and there's really nothing what comes up is like, buy it I'm like, Well, who are you? Like where are you from where does this come from it. So Marcus is like, Oh, well, they're a local company. They have a sixthreezero area code. Oh, yeah. So I use my good work. Yeah, so Marcus is really good at googling. So I was like, hey, Marcus, can you see if you can figure something out and the farthest he got was 630 area code. So then I went to their website, copier.


Unknown 9:32

Turns out day to day coffee is owned by Papa Nicholas.


Unknown 9:37

Really? Yeah. So day to day is a subsidiary or I don't know DBA brand sub brand of Papa Nicholas coffee, which is a local Chicago. Do you know any stuff about pumpernickel gas? I didn't know that Papa Nicholas was a Chicago company.


Unknown 9:55

Super close that. Yeah. How big a company is that? I was under the impression it was like, nationwide. Yeah. So we're gonna get into this history of them. They actually have a really interesting history. They actually just moved from Batavia to Naperville though.


Unknown 10:10

So I'm going down the rabbit hole of Papa Nicholas. So we actually have had a funny interaction with Papa Nicholas. Or Marcus had a funny interaction with Papa Nikola Papa Nicholas from very early on. Well, we're not I know. I know. His name was Nick pup, and Nicolas and he introduced himself as part of the puppet Nicholas. And we I was really early on. What's he an old man? Yes. Okay. Yes, there's an old dish man. Well rest in peace. Nick Papa Nicholas. died in 2016. Oh, he gave me some advice that I was not expecting or asked for okay, but his heart was in the right place. I cannot wait to hear what he said to you. Well, he was like, you need to sell ground coffee. like nobody's gonna buy whole bean coffee. People don't buy hoping basically he asked Marcus to follow his business model if he wants to be successful. So here's Marcus selling modest coffee at this big winter tasting demo that blue boosted and then I met Nick Papa Nicholas and he can you Hey, toffee is pretty good.


Unknown 11:17

And you know what you need to do is in order to be successful in Duck like the more of a more of an accent you know, you know you want to be successful. You know what you need to do is you got to grind the coffee because nobody's gonna buy whole bean coffee and make a dark roast because I didn't we didn't actually have a dark roast. Well, I'm glad you took the advice to make it dark roast because I love the dark roast. But I just want to back up for a second is his name. Papa Nicholas, like one word like that's his last name. Because on the coffee. You have the impression that it's Papa Nicolas. But it's papinek like when you say Nick Papa Nicholas. That's his actual name is actually Papa Nicholas. That was interesting when the parents were like having their little baby boy like What should we name this baby? Name of Nicolas Papa Nicolas.


Unknown 12:07

I was thinking Papa Papa Papa Nicolas.


Unknown 12:15

That's crazy.


Unknown 12:19

name sounds like Santa Claus and I want to like him and you do a great voice.


Unknown 12:26

Um, he is I mean in all fairness with all due respect to you an award winning coffee roaster. Papa Papa Nicolas is a little more successful than you are so far. So maybe, maybe we need to start grinding our coffee. We need to start making maple bacon.


Unknown 12:47

We figured out the succession is on every store shelf. Every store that have ever been to you know what? It's funny that we're okay. So I just have to say, But papa Nicholas is almost like our parallel universe. Like had modest coffee started another time. Would we be poppin Nicholas so the Papa Nicholas company started way back when it late 1800s actually Oh my gosh. Well, first Papa Nicholas comes over from Greece to the Chicago grandpapa grand pop up


Unknown 13:23

that's what to say.


Unknown 13:27



Unknown 13:30

my god. It's so funny.


Unknown 13:33

people be like, Okay, can you just pay me to shut up connect pay to have extra edited episodes.


Unknown 13:46

That'll be the $3 you get extra. You get you get the digest version, or seven minutes long.


Unknown 13:58



Unknown 14:00

We're no bad reviews. Graham Papa Papa Nicolaides give us money.


Unknown 14:06

That's all you need.


Unknown 14:07

So uncle, Grandpa


Unknown 14:18

this there's this unwritten vein here. Alright, so uncle grant Papa Papa Nicholas. It's fun. I can't stop laughing at it comes over from Greece to Chicago late 1800s. Like many of our


Unknown 14:33

I can't I'm bad with accents. I'm not even gonna try. I don't even know what is a Greek man sound like he sounds like this. I don't know if that's that sounds a little bit like a Southside Chicago. You're not that's probably actually exactly how they sound. So anyways, Uncle Grandpa puppet Nicholas comes over. You did that really well by the way that like just rolls off the tongue.


Unknown 14:58

Uncle Grandpa poppin. So it was really fun.


Unknown 15:04

So he comes over new immigrant to the United States. What's he gonna do? He started roasting coffee. And so he's like sourcing beans and he's doing this thing. And then his nephew is second generation. He takes you know, Uncle coffee business and his ideas decides to expand upon them. And so uncle Papa Baba Nicholas starts selling up sorry, go ahead. So selling to he takes it he takes the takes it to the next level. So he started selling to restaurants and back before a cafe was on every other corner used to go to your local department store like Bloomingdale's like high class though high class ones. Back when those were a fixture of American society, but they're selling to department stores that have cafes, which was the precursor to cafes as we know them now. And then 1980s Papa Papa Nicholas, decided which would be Nick Papa Nicholas.


Unknown 16:06

decided to continue on with the family business. So Nick, Papa Nicholas decides to start his own thing. Funny. He's roasting in his garage in wheaton. Just like roasting.


Unknown 16:19

Roasting. Wow. Where did his roaster land first in the garage just like our roaster although our roadster never actually got set up in the garage, but it landed in the garage first. And so and then Nick Papa Nicholas, Papa Papa Nicholas is wondering like, what can I do? And he decides to go into grocery stores. Guess where he goes? First? Treasure Island. He never got paid.


Unknown 16:48

No bad reviews.


Unknown 16:50

was on lovely grocery.


Unknown 16:52

Treasure Island. We should do an episode on them because they actually meant a lot to a lot of people. And they were like really innovative too. So when we come down that path another time. So anyway, so yeah, they started selling to Treasure Island. Then they went to jewel. And jewel was like yeah, we'll give you 25 stores. So they start delivering the jewel. Yeah. This story parallels our origin story. It's like the same it's so crazy. And so they go into jewel they go into the 25 stores and Jewel they had Nick Papa Nicholas's wife was going around doing deliveries in the grocery so creepy. I know. It is literally our origin story. And then yeah, and so then they just kept growing and they kept expanding and getting into different niche markets. And now they they have like the day to day coffee, which is it seems to be from what I can tell they're flavored coffee line, the Papa Nicholas which I guess is considered to be like their specialty line may also do till roasting and they have a couple of other Italian themed line and then they have like a they call it basic job like a basic coffee line. I did not know that they were so diversified, so diversified, and so a lot of them don't have like this doesn't say Papa Nicolas anywhere on their bag. So anyways, I just thought it was really interesting.


Unknown 18:17


Unknown 0:07

Here I have this maple bacon coffee in my hands and I'm like, I am a little bit worried about putting this coffee in my mouth


Unknown 0:19

but I'm willing to try it but you know it's like I start doing this digging and then I find out Papa Nicholas. I'm like, oh Papa Nicholas, just this big huge company or whatever, and then doing some more digging and I'm like, Papa Nicholas, with modest coffee had started in 1985 or whatever, based on the trends at the time would we be going down the same route? Maybe selling selling maple baking coffee with your dad body? Yeah, Mrs.


Unknown 0:47

Any pop of modest you know 2013 over your dead body but Papa Marcus you know, 1985 Would this have been? Look we're heading there, you know, like, maybe not?


Unknown 1:00

Are we?


Unknown 1:03

We're not actually.


Unknown 1:05

Like you can tell they have trends that are from their early days. incorporated into their business model. So that I started getting a little like, you know, what does it mean? What does it mean to start at a certain time period? And how do how does the Coffee Company evolve and grow? So that's going to be some philosophical thinking I'll have to do on my own. That's really cool. Go down that rabbit hole right in mind, but I think it does make you kind of makes you wonder. So here we are. Um, we have the day to day coffee maple bacon.


Unknown 1:41

You are excited like you're glowing.


Unknown 1:45

This breakfast picture of a breakfast on the on the cover looks delicious. We have pancakes, butter, bacon, and then a bunch of maple syrup all stacked on top of each other. Which to me, I want to savor forming picky eater. I don't love it when my food touches on the plate. So this image is like I am cringing a little it's your preference would be if they were on that logo image just not touching. Yeah, instead of it had it this picture was like one of those child plates that has the ridges in the middle or like a bento box with each its own compartment. If he is where that that appeals to me. So listen up day to day.


Unknown 2:36

Marketing Tips from don't make your food touch on your label.


Unknown 2:44

There's a whole category of people that pours an obscene amount of maple syrup all over the hole. I enjoy a little maple syrup on my pancakes but yeah, I don't want like a puddle of it because I don't want diabetes but I feel like there is a whole category of people that really enjoy a plate of maple syrup. Alright, are you guys ready? It's the olfactory reveal.


Unknown 3:09

What is it smelling it?


Unknown 3:11

What does it smell like? It smells sweet. It does smell extremely there is there there's no sweetener? I don't think so. I mean, I think they would have to have a nutrition. Sticky. Are you getting any bacon? I'm not getting any bacon. I've got a little campfire or maybe that's where the bacon is. Like a little toasted marshmallow almost. I see what you mean about the campfire. There's a smokiness in there somewhere. I hope it's not just smoke, artificial smoke. I hope there's a true bacony I want a meatiness to it. It has to have like a umami. Yes, yes. Shall we brew some coffee? Yeah, let me go ahead Modus coffee roasts the highest quality single origin coffees without the summary. They take the guesswork out of buying specialty coffee by carefully curating green coffees and sorting them to one of their tiers based on cupping score price, flavor notes and roast level go to www dot modest dot coffee forward slash no bad reviews to see what they're roasting today. pip cheerio.


Unknown 4:21

It smells good. I can smell it and I like it. I smell like like, syrup. Yeah, warm maple syrup. That's a great smell. You know what that is? That is like, wafting. And I'm enjoying. Yeah, no like and that's so funny. Marcus. What if this podcast turns you into a fan of flavored coffee? What if it changes your whole life? You know that's what I'm here for is personal growth and personal and palate growth.


Unknown 4:53



Unknown 4:56

I'm gonna make some ground coffee


Unknown 5:02

doing it wrong. He needs to have maple sausage.


Unknown 5:09

wouldn't be so funny if you just looked at all of the Papa Nicholas flavored coffees and came up with a slightly different flavor. bastardized version.


Unknown 5:21

And then we'll call it note to note.


Unknown 5:27

Oh my god, we that's our coffee break. Yeah, we're back for our coffee break. All right. So we have now our day to day all brewed up and ready to try so we have a nice steaming pot of coffee. It felt fantastic. While it was brewing. It smelled like when I worked at a breakfast restaurant called the egg and I and there was just like a big


Unknown 5:59

a big thing of how maple syrup with a spigot. You know it smelled like that really, really good. I'm smelling a ton of maple right now a ton of maple. Yeah, the wafting of the maple was really intense. And where's the bacon there? We have bacon. When I walked it it towards my nose. I got a little bit of a bacon smell unless I was imagining it but I think I got a little bit of a bacon smell. Yeah, I think you'd have to get in and while I can enjoy. I've got I can smell it. It's like fatty smell. Yeah, I am not getting I'm only getting maple syrup. Maple syrup is definitely the dominant. It's like butter. Maybe like maple and butter and smoke. Oh, that makes me wonder what this coffee would taste like with what do they call the coffee you put like fat in butter. Oh coconut oil bulletproof Yeah, the bulletproof. Yeah.


Unknown 6:55

That actually I draw the line there. I just don't have butter. I just don't have butter to include into like we have cream. We have sugar. We have whiskey. There's no room on my table for butter. Well, I would have been free to try a pad of butter. Well, we'll see what this tastes like. Straight. Maybe they included some for you. Right so I'm thinking that they came to this flavor concoction with obviously maple flavor and smoke and like an artificial butter flavor. That's how we're getting it like fat I would guess. Okay, that's how we're getting there.


Unknown 7:28

You can't like boil some bacon to get some, you know essence of bacon oil. You know that's that thing. I mean, why not essential oil of bacon. This is something for our coffee company to try. We will boil bacon until we get this natural bacon flavor figured out. So I just thought of something there. Bacon Lacroix.


Unknown 7:51

There's gotta be a way to like condense that down and like like a real flavor company will boil bacon until we can get like awful like, flavoring. No, you know we could do is make bulletproof coffee with like a scoop of bacon fat, fat I always saved my bacon fat and could put you could put some real no bad reviews, maple syrup and a scoop of bacon fat and have like a flavored bulletproof breakfast coffee. I'm going to write this down. We could do a follow up episode in the future. Where we recreate maple bacon coffee. Oh my god. I love this using Maddox coffee, plus bacon lard and maple syrup.


Unknown 8:33

He said this is a light roast. It looks really dark. It doesn't look very dark. You know there's like a common misconception. about labeling is that like most macro roasters have two settings on their giant 240 kilo roasters. It's dark and darker.


Unknown 8:50

Like lighter side of dark. Okay, if you were going to put bacon lard and maple syrup into a coffee how light would you roast it?


Unknown 9:01

You know we'd have to play with it and just see where the maple and the bacon and the roast and the origin off fit in together. I would have to get back to you on that I think be doing a darker roast might be good because you're going to be sweetening it up with maple syrup and then you're going to be kind of smoothing it out with some fat and I think a darker roast would hold up better to that kind of mixing. But you do have to blend bulletproof coffee, right? So you got to like whip. It's like part of the process, right? I honestly have no clue. I tried coconut oil and coffee one time to see what people were talking about. And I think I just started in Okay, let's try it


Unknown 9:42

Oh, keep it positive guys. I didn't tell you my review. Yeah, that's true. That could have been that could have been a reaction of joy or Grange of love.


Unknown 9:56

Alright, I'm about to take my first my first step.


Unknown 10:01

I feel like it's a little too hot for me to really be getting the flavor yet but the one thing I'm really struck by is how dark it is. Yes, it is. Yeah, it's dark. It's very dark. It is um, I don't feel like bitter is a bad word when you're describing, right? Like, the flavor element. Yeah. The big, overpowering flavor. Right off the bat is just dark and bitter. Yeah.


Unknown 10:29

So yeah, that was my first it was kind of like an explosion of bitterness right coded by Tang.


Unknown 10:36

Not saying if that's good or bad.


Unknown 10:40

It might sound bad but I think it's actually kind of a good one. So you know when you're roasting marshmallows in your kid and like the exterior of your marshmallow gets kind of fire burned and a little crispy, but maybe like one side is still nice and golden and you put it in your mouth. So you've got that mixture of like golden marshmallow and burnt marshmallow. That is the flavor that is sitting on my tongue after that explosion of bitterness. I'm left with that crispy half burnt exterior but nothing so I just where you peel it off and you put in your mouth and you like crunch it up. That's where I'm at right now. That sounds super nice. stuff has cooled off enough. I wish there was more thumping more maple I guess I guess the smell was so intensely maple that I expected it to have a little more maple flavor than it does. It's a very subdued maple maybe you know in the next round round where we add a little bit of sweetness. I think that might help some of that so


Unknown 11:41

I just thought of something this reminds me of a campfire and I went campfires


Unknown 11:49

we have half in half and we also have barista Oatly. I'm going to choose one of those. We're going to wait to put sugar in until after I try it.


Unknown 11:59

I'm just gonna I'm gonna take a couple more black sips because I just feel like I want to understand more what this flavor is, like the complexity. That's right.


Unknown 12:12

I'm appreciating the complexity. Oh, that's good. Well it makes me think of when we were you know, doing some work shopping and we tried that pumpkin spice coffee. It was pretty bitter. But then when you added the cream in the sugar I feel like the sugar almost activates the the flavoring agent. It's I don't know if flavored coffees are meant to be drink drinking drink black.


Unknown 12:41

I feel like you need that sugar to activate but don't worry to say how you should drink. I used to drink hazelnut and French Vanilla from 711 But I used to get there the local convenience store a local convenience store numeric convenient store numeric convenient.


Unknown 13:01

And I used to love that black I did not I was not a cream and sugar kind of guy. So flavoring for sure can be drinking drunken, drunken can be Trumpkin black.


Unknown 13:11

Alright, we're gonna need a listener to tell us how to pronounce words. So if you know how to pronounce a word out there listeners, just let us send us an email to Hello at no bad reviews. Pod cast.com Make sure they'll let us know.


Unknown 13:31

They will tell us are you a grammar enthusiast. Please let us know.


Unknown 13:37

stuff. I have had organic half and a half. Thank you so much for providing me with real dairy and not that I minded the oat beverage leading oat beverage leading Oh November it is I don't notice a huge difference between half and half alone and then half and half with sugar. Maybe I just need to add a little more sugar it's cutting the bitterness which I am appreciating.


Unknown 14:06

I am not necessarily noticing a stronger flavor and I really just want to jump maple syrup into this coffee. Smelling it like I just want that taste a little more than I'm getting. It's not it's not a bad review. It's it's I like it so much. I wish there was more it's interesting. It does help cut down on some of that bitterness. It still has a little bit of a bite to it but I think it's the smoke. I think it's enhancing this smoke in a way I think it's a you know what I think I liked when it was black. I like that toasted marshmallow flavor better when it settles on my tongue. I'm not getting that burn toasted marshmallow anymore. Mm hmm.


Unknown 14:46

And whiskey.


Unknown 14:49

So good. I'm not even kidding you. Oh my god.


Unknown 14:54

This is added whiskey and is very excited about it. It's very good. It's like like, I could drink this. What do you think is going on with the flavor of the whiskey though? combined? How is that working? I have no fucking clue how it works. It just works. Let me ask you this because I had had a Japanese whiskey before and I know that some whiskies are smokier than others is a Japanese Whiskey a smoky whiskey. No, no, that's a good question. It's not a smoky whiskey. It's very clean whiskey. And actually this one in particular, you can feel like light in color. This whiskies and centaury makes it really great. It's called Toki which was the name of one of our cats. Yeah, recipes and so it's a it looks like perhaps it was even a young whiskey because typically the longer they are like the more they absorb the tan so the tans and men are pretty late. And my guess is there's something in this that it's like the smoke that that normally pairs really well with whiskey is like, all of it together is just chairman. Well, I won't be trying that incidentally. Or coincidentally I should say today, I 18 years about any drugs or alcohol. Wow. 18 years. Congratulations. It was the first day 10 years ago I woke up and I was headed into a halfway house in like four days. And I didn't want to drop dirty and have them kicked me out of the halfway house. So you know, occupied my time however I occupied it for four days into a halfway house. Oh it should. I did. Not know that about it. Congratulations. Thanks. I'll drink to that.


Unknown 16:35

So you guys can go ahead and enjoy that whiskey on my behalf. I really hope that this podcast isn't the thing that ends up destroying.


Unknown 16:45

Oh my god, I just can't I don't care anymore.


Unknown 16:49

We need to find an analogue for you to like, you know, I'm okay. No, I mean, we need to get the coffee to the point where it's good. If you're feeling spicy, I do have an idea. And whipped cream makes everything better. Does make everything better. Like this right and done it many times.


Unknown 17:11

actually taking a sip of the coffee and then doing a shot of whipped cream straight to the mouth.


Unknown 17:18

A nice combination. Not mine. We found it we found it found it to take us it. Do a shot of whipped cream. And so enjoyable


Unknown 17:34

Oh my god. This is so good.


Unknown 17:37

What do you think? I think it's hilarious that we are drinking this maple bacon coffee and then review is that we wish we had maple syrup and bacon to put in.


Unknown 17:48

Did you what did you think of the whiskey? No whiskey is um, I mean I saw you pour so much fucking whiskey in there though. Like it's like, too much. Careful not to watch too much. Like a big port. I mean, I don't know that hot. It tastes like whiskey is good.


Unknown 18:09



Unknown 18:11

It's all about ratios. Oh, yours has a ton more sugar than mine does. why don't why? Don't I use the whipped cream why don't we just use every tool in our arsenal


Unknown 18:26

Oh my God, that's some good audio.


Unknown 18:29

I am loving it this way. I'm loving this like I didn't even take more than one cut the the flavor of the whiskey and the smoke and the bacon and the maple model. I'm gonna mop I'm gonna call marble because not quite maple. Thanks nickel.


Unknown 18:48

And then I'm really enjoying I've taken a sip done my shot of whipped cream and like the two that are just sitting now in my mouth those two flavors together. Chef's kiss.


Unknown 18:59

I'm struggling a little bit with this coffee and maybe it's because I was so excited about it. Yeah, see the whiskey and whipped cream what's the dog delicious so would you say that with whiskey whipped cream and maple bacon coffee and cream and sugar are an excellent combination for you. Can you say it's not bad under those circumstances? Yes.


Unknown 19:25

A lot of sugar. helps a lot. I like it sweet.


Unknown 19:30

It's good sweet. I think that if you're going to the store to go buy maple bacon coffee that like maybe you're gonna be like oh man, I just love maple bacon pancakes and what would round that out but more maple and bacon in my cup. You know? maple bacon overload it's somebody who's like a serious maple bacon enthusiast who just like cannot get enough maple bacon. Is that I mean do you think people are buying maple bacon coffee to go with their maple bacon or do you think people are buying maple bacon coffee as a cheat because they're not eating enough maple bacon I think we've come up with some really great ideas of who this coffee is for.


Unknown 20:11

There's so much whiskey and stuffs


Unknown 20:18

I am ready to say something nice about this coffee because Marcus has added a shit ton of sugar. And it does it does really bring out the flavor it is really nice with like just a lot of sugar and whiskey and whipped cream. Still angry right and cream.


Unknown 20:37

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